This Has All Happened Before

by Dinner Party

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Evan Gordon
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Evan Gordon these songs helped me work through some tough times & inspired me to make my own album. big ups to these dudes, best duo in the DFW area. Favorite track: Always Winter, Never Christmas.
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released February 8, 2015

Coby Pelt and Joseph Prein
Artwork by Max Creed



all rights reserved


Dinner Party Denton, Texas

Joseph - Guitar
Coby - Drums

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Track Name: RIP Me
Sick from your diet of secondhand smoke
You're half machine again
Are you gone or dead? I could smell dissolving skin
Because you hate yourself, like everyone else
Track Name: Slugger
If you said you're my friend,
Could you please tell me what's wrong
With my head and my breath?
I'm not one to brag, but I've got some problems
and they're inside my head.

I will be your hands and feet as you
Claw your way back to the surface.
I will be your aching knees as you
Pray to a dead god each night.
I will be the melody in
Crashing cars and broken dreams.
I will be the memory of
Places lost and people who have forgotten you.
Track Name: Don't Wreck Your Life
Please understand, I was so torn and bent
Each time I meant to tell you
I'd simply feel that I can't.
Would you expect anything less
From a coward like me?

Could you tell you sent me spinning
when you finally responded
With a shrill reminder that I'll always be alone?
Can you smell the fear on my breath
when you let me go and wander
In the halls of my sad and empty head?
Track Name: Always Winter, Never Christmas
You woke to find your youngest son
Climbing up the chimney
Tears of broken-hearted love
Rolled down his neck

"I'm not worth enough for you to keep on trying.
I've had bad luck before, and even poorer timing."

You woke to find a brand-new gun
Sleeping underneath the tree
Waiting to ignite the world
On New Year's Eve

I'm just drunk enough to say "I'm sorry to be here"
I short circuit the love you felt for me for three years

I said I'm sorry, sweetheart
I'm sorry you unwrapped
Your deadbeat dad again
On Christmas morning
Track Name: I Want the Sun to Die
You smoke cheap cigarettes
And fetishize regret
It's more than I can get
You say: "I've never been back home"

You try to cut my smile,
But it takes more than that
For me to say: "I'm home alone.
I'm all alone at my home"

I'm weak and I'm scared
It'll be the last time I hold a promise from you
I'll spend each night with eyes red, wide
And wishing you'd come back to my side

I'm weak and I'm scared
I lack confidence, and I'm losing grip
I feel you slipping away
I am an abyss, and you're within me

I'm weak and I'm scared
I lack confidence, and I'm losing it
Track Name: Dead Deer
Can I tell you the truth?
You are not the bruise you've worn
Your problem is it's never too late
To sit lonely and comfortably

So you carry yourself through the spring
Like a broken machine
A tolling bell that you cannot hold back

I walked you home, but you
Hit me in the side of the head with a shovel and
Your problem is your flesh is too thin
And you do not have any friends

You do not have any friends.

Sleeping off the cigarette glow,
As you select your seasonal decision diodes
You followed me home, and you said:
"Please just give up, give up. There's nothing we can do here
For your heart, though we're the force that's held your head."