Uncle Baseball

by Dinner Party

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this was our first demo, '1' is on the DP EP and '2' is on This Has All Happened Before


released March 20, 2012



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Dinner Party Denton, Texas

Joseph - Guitar
Coby - Drums

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Track Name: 1
You're so cold and intangible. A specter, ephemeral. So back down, with fragile words a fragile heart could mend. You remain a fragile mainstay in my ever-beating heart and my ever-bleeding brain. You're unreachable. You're so difficult.
Track Name: 2
If you said you're my friend, could you please tell me what's wrong with my head and my breath? I'm not one to brag, but I've got some problems and they're inside my head. I will be your hands and feet as you crawl your way back to the surface. I will be your aching knees as you pray for a dead cause each night. I will be the melody in crashing cars and broken dreams. I will be the memory of places lost and people who have forgotten you.